Topmost Efficient Facebook Hacking Methods

Must Try Hacks that Never Go Wrong

Curiosity drives us all crazy. People love to more and more about what’s not in access. And in today’s world of immense technological progression, and of course, the presence of Facebook, this feeling has hyped to the heights. You definitely feel the rush and desire of seeing what’s there in your friend’s or loved ones’ profile. And being a Facebook hacker clams down everything. Here, have a quick sneak a peak of Facebook facts, and then learn some of the most proficient and extremely easy hacking methods.

  • A Quick Fact Check About Your Favorite Social Networking Website

    • Facebook was founded by a genius group of Harvard University students exactly 13 years ago. In the start it was just a university’s thesis project that has now become an enormous wave of social media craze with superb features like access of global interactions, international media coverage, ease of communication, plenty of opportunities of expression, and not only that, millions of people and companies use this platform to sell their products globally, ranging their customers line worldwide.

    • Facebook is an exceptional place itself, but synchronizing with its amazing features, immense growth of technological advancements, and development of hi-tech electronic devices has widened the Facebook’s usability, its access and users’ range. Currently, Mark Zuckerberg is the chairman and CEO of Facebook, whereas Sheryl Sandberg is COO.

  • Facebook Hacking Methods

  1. Cookie Stealing Like a True Professional

Cookie stealing is used by many hackers all over the world to get into their desired website. Through this method you won’t have to know all the logging details or credentials of that account, rather you’ll easily get past that login stage and see the main page only. Specifically talking about Facebook cookie stealing, you don’t have to have a knowledge of a Facebook password or email address. This method is best done for that Facebook account which always remains open (logged in). As the cookies send and receive by the host system and the main website are exactly the same, so the Facebook hacker can easily steal this information. These cookies are unchanged and are specific to all the web browsers and websites.

  1. Resetting of Password

That’s another easy way of hacking Facebook account. Here, in this method, you’ll have to hack the Facebook login password of your victim’s profile using his mobile number. Just click on the button saying “Forgot my password” on the main page of Facebook. Then by entering the victim’s mobile number, Facebook will automatically recognize the Facebook ID. Next, you’ll select the option “This is my account” and allow Facebook to “Send me SMS”. The rest of the procedure goes just like the standard password recovery process.

  1. Facebook Keylogging

The most effective of all, the keylogging method records every keystroke made by the person and then you can easily retrieve any kind of password from this hacking report. Keylogger is available in both software and hardware.